The purpose of the Regulation is to set out procedures and principles for construction plans and tourism facilities located on the cultural and tourism protection and development zones and tourism centers. By this regulation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism aims to increase the standards of the tourism facilities in compliance with the plan, science, health and sustainable environmental conditions.

The provisions of the Regulation solely concern owners of four to five stars hotels and holiday villages within the scope of tourism investment or in which tourism operations are carried out, and is granting new privileges to those who  wishing to establish such tourism facilities or to enhance its current facilities.

As an example of novelty brought by the Regulation, although open ground terraces or ground terraces covered with removable-lightweight material, control or security huts and open car parks are considered as a floor area according to the Zoning Regulations, this Regulation makes an exemption and does not consider such areas as the floor area.

However, in order to benefit from this Regulation; some requirements must be met such as; in order to obtain construction permit, one must present the certificate of tourism investment.

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