A legal due diligence is the process of collecting and assessing corporate documents and data to obtain a clear overview off all the associated legal risks of a target company.

The legal due diligence performed by our team of lawyers will check and confirm any legal liabilities for our clients, which may include among others:

  1. a review of all corporate licenses to confirm they are complete, fully updated and compliant;
  2. a check if there are no outstanding disputes or litigation cases; and
  3. a review of agreements with creditors and business partners.

The main goal of legal due diligence is to find any legal risks. Once all risks are mapped, our lawyers will analyses and asses the severity of the risks and prepare a recommendation to our client on how to mitigate these risks.

We are able to offer the development of a full compliance programme to organisations.

This service will involve:

  • Design and/or review of our client’s compliance or ethics code
  • Design and/or review and drafting of compliance policies and procedures
  • Review and identification of legal obligations that may affect the client’s operations
  • Performance of organisational risk mapping
  • Design of risk-coded frameworks with compliance requirements; timelines and penalties for non-compliance
  • Restructuring of compliance responsibilities across teams
  • Development of an effective compliance programme
  • Implementation support