The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) issued Decision No. 3 of 2024 on the submission of the registration application timeline for corporate  tax in the UAE on 22 February. The deadline for Taxable Persons is dependent on the MONTH during which their Trade Licence was  issued, regardless of its year of issuance. Failing to meet the deadline can lead to a fine of AED 10,000. The very first deadline is fast  approaching and is set for 31st May 2024. The rest of the deadlines for UAE resident companies are as follows.

January May 31, 2024
February May 31, 2024
March June 30, 2024
April June 30, 2024
May July 31, 2024
June August 31, 2024
July September 30, 2024
August & September October 31, 2024
October & November November 30, 2024
December December 31, 2024

The submission of the registration application is linked to the preparation of a number of documents and can take time. Therefore, it is  advised to begin preparations as soon as possible

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